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The reason why you have reached this web page,is because you are either suffering from shoulder pain or you might have sustained a recent shoulder injury. There is a vast amount of knowledge available regarding these problems and you have probably surfed the web already to accumulate information regarding this problem.

We would clearly like to state that we do not intend to re-write all the information that is available on the web.

This website is also not designed to make the diagnosis for you. To make the correct diagnosis regarding your shoulder pain problem, you will need to consult with a properly trained shoulder surgeon and to be examined physically and for all the relevant special investigations to be done.

The purpose of this website is purely to give you the state of the art knowledge regarding the problem, once it has been diagnosed. The idea of this website is to make the current thoughts available to you as the patient, regarding your shoulder problem.

We will therefore work through all the conditions that cause shoulder pain and all the conditions that give shoulder pathology after an injury. The idea is to give you the state of the art management of these problems and definitely not to re-write the anatomy book or the information that is currently available on the web.

The problem with the web is that some of the information is not necessarily correct and might not be the newest / latest ideas regarding these conditions.

Therefore you will need our site.

We really hope that this site will contribute to your decision making, regarding your condition and also to guide you through the process of rehabilitation after your shoulder operation.

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